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For Demanding Targeteers...(and other desperate men).


Killer MGM fluted barrel with heavier than normal forend.


One of a kind full length Victorian long for 12 inch octagon barrel.


Custom Contender grips and forends...for G2 and original frames...inventoried and made to order...exotic woods milled to excellence...sized and shaped for your hand...first grade American
The corporate wisdom of "one size fits all" so indigenous in factory and alternative stocks for both early model and G2 Contenders has inadvertently undermined marksmanship for decades by creating shooter discomfort, distraction, and fatigue, leading to the inevitable conclusion of flinching or at least shot pulling and wandering so evident at the target after a session of mental meltdown (you remember that day at the range don't you?). This corporate neccessity festered further by several simply awful designs, especially in early Contenders, sacrificing the wisdom of function for the razzledazzle of the marketing department, a tragedy upon which many thousands of deficient grips were manufactured.

Incidentally, the G2 grip enjoys a more intelligent solution than anything ever factory designed for the original frame. But the offering of increasingly more powerful chamberings and consequential recoil have inspired the factory to locate the G2 grip way too far back and away from the trigger, as though the middle finger will be otherwise mashed by the trigger guard under great recoil, making a far distance for some trigger fingers to stretch. Not everyone shoots hot 45-70 loads! Besides, mere distance from middle finger to trigger guard only begins to manage recoil (there are several other contributing factors).

In addition, the G2 grip angle is swept way back, the bottom end of the grip too far to the rear, creating a bit of awkwardness, especially under recoil. This additional angle only makes sense in onehanded shooting where only the shooting hand alone is called upon to heft the weight and unwieldiness of a long, heavy, muzzle-muscled pistol; few people shoot a Contender offhand for accuracy with a onehanded hold unless with the lightweight factory octagon barrels or equivanlent. This compromise to accomodating extreme recoil and unweildiness inadvertently sacrifices comfort, at rest and under recoil. 

I can think of no better way to restrict the otherwise superb Contender from reaching its terminal field performance than to build a wall between shooter and pistol. I'm saying that no one grip design, shape, or size can accomodate every shooter. How can it? A truly relaxed, comfortable hand both before and during recoil complements a relaxed mind to hold more steadily, and resist flinching. How serious are you about your field marksmanship?

NOTE: Some folks like hard-kicking guns. If you really want to trade your arm for a stub, you can surly do it, even with my grips. You're the mannequin holding the cannon. But be honest with yourself. Do you really enjoy trading...for the sake of manhood or ballistics or lots of noise... your fortitude for a red mist and a whimper at each and every shot?

There are few man-made things more personal than a great pistol. My passion is to build "the perfect grip", a truly personal fit. That I fit you by mail (see START HERE page for details) only sweetens the challenge. I insist the stocks be meticulously formed from proper wood (some exotic, some rare, some expensive, some just well suited) glowing with Old World quality and charm through the soft warmth of hand rubbed oil. Ideally, the stocks should be an extension of the owners hands, the likeness of a living thing, that unique place where pistol and shooter meet in the physical an impersonal, fast food world where most everything is billed as extreme, but special things are mostly hidden. 

While I love wood for its own sake and enjoy working it to precision and art, I must tell you I am fueled by the profound and immutable truth that the next shot, the one right now, is the only shot in the world, the only one that counts or should. My efforts are predicated from this passion, to fit pistol grip to hand...
to make that shot.

A properly stocked Thompson Contender is the mechanical-aesthetic predicate of a single solitary shot which a man might fire against intimidating odds over unlikely distance with undefined confidence, a quiet soul, and with very great humility.  



Reg Jones, woodcutter, HIS HANDS grips

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